A Feeling of relief but …

I can’t deny the relief I feel now even though I know it’s not completely finished. A feeling that I’m sure I’m not the only one to have. I met some friends and bloggers yesterday during a little workshop on Ushahidi and we shared our point of views on the current situation. We all agreed that it was good everything has calmed down and looked forward to the end of the curfew. Don’t we Dago?

As Ariniaina wrote it in her post feelings are divided among Malagasy people on Andry Rajoelina taking the power. His team will officially introduce him as the President of the High Authority of Transition on Saturday at Mahamasina stadium. It will be followed by a huge party at Analakely.

Eventually, we’ll host the AU summit 2009. An event that the TGV camp fiercely rejected months ago during their rallies. What suddenly made their mind change? In all cases, this is a good thing for all the infrastructures set up for the occasion. The hotel owners and all the crowd that saw this summit as a great opportunity for their business may not have their expectation come to reality though. I mean they won’t make full benefit from it as they planned 3-4 months ago.

The FFKM’s President pastor Lala Rasendrahasina was captured and detained by the mutineers on Tuesday and later released but not without harms. FFKM representative Razafindrakoto Hasina Rivo stated “I paid him a visit and he confided in me that he was mistreated” during a press conference yesterday. This pastor’s misadventure may get things more complicated. So I’m wondering “Is it over? or will it have an end some day?”.

There is also a question mark on basic foods price since the future of the Tiko Group remains uncertain.