Trash Is Piling All Around The City

Last week-end, I went with some friends to Analamahintsy and took this occasion to snap some shots along the streets. But it happened that my cam was attracted by the trash that is piling along the roads. From Ampefiloha to Manjakaray passing by Isotry, Behoririka and so on, the city is becoming like Naples. I’d hesitated for a while whether I’d publish these photos or not. Truth hurts but these ones … smell as well.

Trashes in Ankorondrano

In Ankorondrano

This flooded trash bin is right across from a bus stop in Ankorondrano. Andry and I had a little time to take some photos of it. You can see that there are shops near but business must go on.

Trashes in Manjakaray

In Manjakaray

The CUA (Commune Urbaine d’Antananarivo) started collecting the garbage last week-end as they received donations for buying gas but they said their main problem was the safety of the workers and the trucks.

Trashes in Behoririka

In Behoririka

There’s no more room on the pavements so the pedestrians are obliged to go down with the cars.