Will This Lead To a Civil War?

We don’t know anymore who to believe in, rumours are running fast, they’re spreading at the speed of light. Confirmations and denials arrive at a high debit from either side. I’m on twitter and know by someone I follow that there’s a looting at the Smart Gallery in Tanjombato while the pro-TGV are gathering at the 13 May Square. And that’s not all, the radio Mada, which leans toward the current gov calls all people for the legality to gather at Mahamasina. The same twitterer friend shares the same worry as I do. Are we going toward a civil war?
I know the phrase is damn scary! Already, last week, the supporters from both protagonists had a fight at 67ha and left some injured people – among them a journalist from a private media group. The army seems to have divided opinions on what they should do. There was even a rumour that the Presidential Guard was about to attack a military camp downtown, an information that was immediately denied by the first in charge of the PG. Hell!! Where are we going to? If the security forces don’t want to protect anymore civilians and their goods what is going to happen? On twitter, the Courts Tanjombato – a big supermarket is being looted now.

It’s no more safe to talk politics in a public area (buses included) because you don’t know who’s listening to you and on which side this one is. A simple rumour about you can harm you or your relatives. While I’m writing this post lootings are keeping up, SFOI Tanjombato is now among the victims.

Somefriends and I talked to a foreigner who’s been in Madagascar for about 8 years now and raised the term “Civil War”. He said that Malagasy people are too peaceful and it’s hard to think of such a thing here. I do hope he’s right.