Will It End Soon?

Is it the end?
When the anti-government protesters took the 4 ministries yesterday I thought they reached a significant turning point. I was wrong. I woke up this morning turned on the TV, watched TVM and saw the Defense Minister with another guy stating that all 4 ministries were taken back during an Armed Forces operation early this morning (3:00am GMT+3).
There are no official casualties yet even though the Viva radio announced that death toll reached 8 people. This needs to be confirmed since mainstream media here are all biased. This situation may bring about stronger rallies and more furious protests that means insecurity. This latter is already spreading all over the Island. Yes, it doesn’t only concern the capital, riots and rallies are also conducted in the other regions where armed forces were obliged to intervene.
According to papers, that I read today, there’s a rumour that both sides agreed on certain points during the negotiations led by the FFKM and an exit to the crisis may see the light. Something that is not easy to believe in when Andry Rajoelina stated that rallies will keep on and nothing will stop him (sobika) to reach his (possible) next goal.

Is it personal?
In Some blog posts(fr) and comments(fr) the rumours of the possible start of the hatred between both Ravalomanana and Rajoelina have emerged -offline as well, but no one knows the reliability of this fact. And we will probably never know. This theory tends to demonstrate that this fight is the result of a personal conflict of two huge egos. During the 7 years of his mandate, the current President has made himself a lot of enemies, in the political and in the business field. Enemies that saw their business or carriers end up once Ravalomanana officially won the presidential election. During an interview on a private TV station, after the ministries were taken, Alain Ramaroson clearly showed that he took it personal through his statements.

Is it a game?

There are too many MCs but not enough Mics and each single person involved in this quest of (their) Democracy wants to have what is due to him, even the Vahoaka (the people). I had a talk with a friend yesterday at Ampefiloha. Being so disappointed by the current gov he’s become a fervent supporter of Rajoelina’s camp. The guy was so happy to know that his (transitional) gov is set and told me “We are looking forward to sending them our requests”. I asked him “If they don’t reply, what are you going to do?” the answer was simple and quick “We go down in the streets again to move him out”. I was pretty stunned hearing his answer. Everyone has his convictions and believes and the way he wants to achieve his goals but it should follow some rules and standards. A couple of days ago I got schooled by a friend on “Democracy”(fr) and I think it won’t harm those in the “Place du 13 Mai” to know more about “what” they are looking for if not will face the same trouble … over and over again.