Faith For a Possible Peace

My church was full like an egg last Sunday and I guess the other ones had the same attendance. After Andry Rajoelina announcement of a coup at the “Place du 13 Mai” last Saturday everybody knew any hope of a possible consensus and dialogue with the President Ravalomanana, that means a road to peace, has never been farther. Never in an ordinary Sunday we’ve had crowd like this, the number of the people that came that day is close to the one on Christmas and Easter Day.
The situation is worsening and it was time for all of us to strengthen our faith as well. There was a special slot of time dedicated to pray for the country during the mass. And like in 2002, we sang “Zanahary ô, tahio ny tanindrazanay

Zanahary ô, tahio ny tanindrazanay
Handroso lalandava, handry fahizay.
Enga anie hanjaka ao ny saina mahay miray,
Dia ho tany sambatra, ilay Madagasikaranay.

Ireo mpitondranay arovy lalandava koa
Tolory saina hendry, kinga sy mahay.
Ka ny marina anie no mba hanjaka ao tokoa,
Dia ho tany sambatra, ilay Madagasikaranay.

Ny taranakay tahio ho vanona tokoa;
Ireo no solofo, dimby, rahatrizay
Mba ho tena mahatoky, feno fahendrena koa,
Dia ho tany sambatra, ilay Madagasikaranay.

(I tried to translate but what I came up with was so… if you guys want to, feel free :))

You cannot describe the emotion you feel when the whole church sing this song together and you realize they are not only singing but also praying at the same time, and it’s from their heart.

I think people here just want to live in peace. They want to go to work or to school without the fear of being trapped in riots, or taken by force to join those who are on strike. Shop owners want to open their businesses and be sure that no one will loot and burn them. We are fed up with this feeling of permanent insecurity.
The last protest didn’t draw as many followers as before still people are wary because nothing is sure yet. Even though we are back to our daily life we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. The Mayor stated if his claim to the Constitutional Court to seek the president’s removal failed he would go to Iavoloha to take the power (fr).

This confirms what I said earlier, nothing is sure now and the only thing we can do is to keep our Faith for a possible Peace.