Same Script Different Cast

The current situation in Tana, which is really getting serious, reminds me that of 2002. When I went to work this morning, we could see the tension on people’s face. Nobody talks on the bus, buses that are fewer today, and we already try to anticipate what will be going on because we lived the same situation 7 years ago.

On Saturday, the current Mayor, Andry Rajoelina publicly stated that “As long as he lived, he would be willing to take on the power during a government of transition”. Does that mean a coup d’état is being prepared out there? When we supported Marc Ravalomanana, who was also the capital’s Mayor when he ran for the presidency, it was after the ballots gave theirs results. At the time, we fought for the Democraty, the truth and the legitimacy of the elected President. That may be the difference from what we’re living now.
He also called all Malagasy people to go on strike, to claim the truth. The “Place du 13 Mai” was invaded by workers, students, NGOs and so on for about a year. And when I saw all those people on Saturday, I was not that exited. Like Ariniaina is asking on her blog, how far can it go? I’m also wondering and worried at the same time. Like in 2002, the big garbage bins are used to block the streets that lead to strategic places that should be secured. Civilians are keeping vigil all night long. Most of them with bear hands, no weapons. This morning, buses were like black geese, rare are those that could make it till downtown. When I got one, at last, I could see the damages caused by the showdown between the supporters of both parties last night. A friend of mine who lives at Ampefiloha told me that some people hit on cars that happened to pass by the neighbourhood after the President passed and wanted (we don’t know exactly who they were) to make explode Ampefiloha gas Station. Do they really do that for the Democracy? for a revolution? It’s a kind of déjà vu.

The role has changed, the one that people put on the power is now the one they want to overthrow. But a big question still remains without a concrete and credible answer, who can take his place? The current Mayor? This last invited all students and workers to meet at the Place of 13 Mai Analakely today. The government shut Viva radio down around 3:00am and the armed forces took possession of Ambohimitsimbona where most of the communication transmitters are. I don’t know what consequences this will have on today’s strike. For myself, I’m working, I mean I try.