Rush to Gas and Basic Foods

Rush to the gas station

Rush to the gas station

The population’s reaction didn’t wait long. Long queues at gas stations and local groceries are quickly forming. Wherever you go, soap, rice, oil, candles, butter are no more available at the few shops that dare to open today.

All the Magro supermarkets which are the main basic food suppliers of the groceries in Tana were looted and then burned. Their goods were shamelessly stolen. Those who did that didn’t bother themselves carrying what they could sell some streets farther or even consume whatever could be edible juice, cookies, yoghurt. Some guys were walking like they were doing nothing wrong carrying a whole bag of rice, bottles of classiko and tiko fruit. I just heard on radio Antsiva that Behoririka’s streets have become a slippery due to the oil poured down when people stole barrels of oil from Magro Behoririka and the only way for them to take them was to roll them down.

Is it a sign of panic? People are buying oil by bottles, rice by bags, and soap by packs. This is something that rarely happens in an ordinary day. All the cabs and car owners have their tanks full and use their plastic bottles as a kind of back up. Everybody is getting ready for a food shortage that is likely to happen in the days ahead. I’m afraid the food sector won’t be the only one which will know crises. I already know tomorrow, busses won’t work, I may have to go on foot till my office and probably do the same thing to go back home.