The New THB Fresh Flavours

Malagasy THB Fresh Menthe, Framboise and Pomme

Malagasy THB Fresh Apple, Rewbery and Mint

Malagasy THB Fresh Apple, Raspberry and Mint

All of my friends know me as a THB Fresh fan and almost every Saturday I try to have my dose of this pseudo alcoholic beverage lol. Some days ago STAR, the Malagasy brewery which produces THB Fresh, released 3 new flavours Apple, Raspberry and Mint.

I had the chance to taste them on Saturday before going to our Movie Projection. The taxibe I took broke down right across from Shoprite and I realized that the situation was not that bad when I saw this beautiful hostess handing disposable glasses to the passerbys. I decided to join :D. She gave me 3 glasses that contained each the different flavours. I can’t discribe in details how they tasted – first my English is not yet armed and good enough lol and second I’ve never done a food review – but the one that I liked the most was the Menthe. The 2 other ones were like to much … chemical.