The Hopital des Enfants on Fire Last Night

On our way to the bus stop at Tsaralàlana my sis and I passed by the Hopital des Enfants and saw mothers running out of there with their children, some of them really panicked and crying. We asked what happened but none of them seemed to be able to give a concrete answer. Fortunately my sis was not the first to call the fire department and their HQ was just 10-15 from where we were. In fact, we couldn’t do anything because it was kind of short circuit problem and soaked-from-top-to-the-toe as we were it might have brought about worse situation. Surely, today’s newspaper will have more details on it. We could see the electric arcs popping up like a mini fireworks, very impressive.

Calling 188 from your mobile is not free
Yeah guys, you gotta have air time to be able to save lives!!! My sis was quite stunned when she realized the call she made was not free. I don’t understand this, or is it because we used a mobile?