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Cool, I’ve been tagged by Jogany … I’ll keep it up then 😀

I want to see miracles, see the World change – Switchfoot

Why blogging about Africa? I needed almost half a day to find my answer to this question, an answer that became obvious for me. I just want a “change” (sounds like Obama thing, doesn’t it lol), a “better change” for this continent. I started my post with a line that I picked up from Switchfoot’s song and I know the word “miracle” sounds a bit too much. It’s not a shame to dare to dream of a better situation, better incomes, yes better life for African people but you just need to wake up and make them come true. And like my mom says it’s never to late (until it’s too late :p)

So why exactly blogging about Africa?, yeah I’m coming to that point. I discovered blogging a while ago when joining Foko and now I know we can achieve incredible things with them. In Madagascar we have a saying that goes like “herikerika maha tondra-drano” in a simple translation the bottom line is that “we can start with little things and end up with greater ones” and also the most important “united we can achieve something huge”.

When I blog about my country, I guess I blog about Africa because whether you like it or not we’ll always be related to this continent. This is what I can call a “digital patriotism” :p since this is one way for me to show the world who we are.

Now I give the mic (in fact the keyboard) to some other friends that surely has more interesting things to say like

Dago tiako, who has no doubt unlimited love for Madagascar
Patrick, the most afro-haired friend I have 😉
Rondro, a young and talented journalist will have a lot to say about it 😀
Moon, who I’m sure can build up a short story that fits this topic :p

Peace and Love 😀