Poule des As, SEBAM routed BBCM and won the Tournament

The young wolves of BBCM (Analamanga) were no match for the much experienced SEBAM (Boeny) – who were without Dolin and Tan – during the Final of the first Poule des As.
The N1B champs lost to the current Madagascar N1A vice champion 84 to 66 after holding on over the 2 first quarters (40-40). SEBAM then, catches up by winning this title after failing short (they lost to ASCUT Tamatave 92-91 in an incredibly exiting final at the very last seconds) – to be on top of the N1A and making it 6 titles in 6 straight years (repeat the threepeat, remember that? Uh no, it’s rather a sixpeat).

This team has become so popular that each of their game is a must-see one if you’re a basketball fan. The main reason is one their players, Rabekoto Charles aka Dage (air madagescar) who is just the flashyest player of his time.
Rina’s team victory was not a surprise, they already took the win during a showdown between both teams in the preliminary round and as far as I know the BBCM has never defeated Boeny’s basketball kings.
They were impressive in the first half though, answering points after points from their opponents and even took the lead at 3:00 to play in the first quarter and even the game before the halftime break. The 3rd Qt was the pivotal moment when Tiana, SEBAM’s Ray Allen, got on fire and knocked down 3 consecutive shoots (2 from beyond the arc) to make his team take the lead for good. Danz (BBCM) took his responsibility and carried BBCM on his shoulders but he felt cold missing most of his shoots and attempts to reach the circle. And so did his teamates.
In the last quarter, BBCM launched a last surge but it was in vain, they made stupid turnovers – that turned out to easy fastbreak points for SEBAM – and missed some key free throws – the same as Dage who’ve been struggling with his FT during the whole tournament.

What is Poule des As exactly?
Tournoi des As or Poule des As, it’s as you like, is a tournament for the 6 best Malagasy basketball teams this year. The participation in this contest is not free because each team is asked to disburse 1 million Ariary. The winner will be rewarded with 6 million Ariary, the runner up will take 3 million and the third will be reimbursed.
It’s an initiative from the Ministry of Sports to rejuvenate sportsmen motivation and to fund important events and outings that Madagascar should attend or participate in. To attract more audience they also launched the first official gambling on sports in Madagascar. You buy a ticket and rank all 6 teams from the one that you think will win the tournament till the one that’s going to take the last seed. If you find the right standing, you’ll win a lot of money (in fact, they were not clear enough on how much one could win).
This tournament won’t stay just within basketball field, they plan on having it with football, rugby and so on.

Tournoi des As final result

#1 Sebam
#3 SOE
#4 Challenger
#6 CAF

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