Malagasy Hip hop Is Not Dead

Definitely we can’t say that this 2008 year was a Malagasy Hip hop tinged one. A lot of people like me wondered if it was dead, dormant or just quiet. Even though many fans are still sticking their ears on the radio set while listening to the some remaining HH radio shows down town or are glued on the screen watching Atomik TV, the fact is, Hip hop is no more in the spot light. When I walk in the streets of Tana I see less and less baggy pants, xxl-size t-shirt and whenever it happens I recall the HH golden age.

At the time, hundreds of break-dancers spoiled the Independence Avenue’s garden. It was a kind of hot place for them. They would have battles, showcases and even fights there. If you are among this generation like me the song “Hip hop hooray” is surely familiar to your ears. “Hip hop hoorayyy heyyy ohhhh” mmm old memories. I still listen to it along with Dr DRE’s “Still” and “The Next Episode”.

Raboussa brings the light back

With the release of his third album and the New Scene Clan hip hop December is different. In fact, Raboussa’s “Enoy za” really brings the Malagas HH out of its silence. I say silence because I know somewhere it moves, guys are producing songs, lacing tracks, having featurings, working in studios but they just do it underground. That means if you don’t belong to the HH world you will know nothing of it.
Raboussa is currently the most hyped Malagasy rapper in Madagascar, recently I saw him in an add of Telma the biggest telecommunication firm in Madagascar. RTA has always been a good support of this culture in our country and is closely related to its come back. It hosted Raboussa’s album promotion concert some couple of days ago and will presently be the center of the Hip hop world at the end of this month. I’ll try my best to not miss the concert, it’s gonna rock!!!

New Scene Special Clan hip hop, last but not least
Diosezy, X-Crew, Bogota, Takodah sy Ngah B, names that have made their own places in Malagasy Hip hop will come onto the stage on Dec. 27 to rock it again as they’ve always done. I don’t know if the concert was planned a long while ago or not but right after Raboussa’s concert an RTA’s staff announced the good news during a radio talk show. Then the adds followed on TV. For you to have an idea of what might be going on this day, watch this video of Diosezy “Komandona”