Lapan’ny Tanàna, The Reconstruction Seems to Start

The Lapanny Tanàna construction site

The Lapan'ny Tanàna construction site

The CUA moves and wants to show their will to respect the promises and commitments stated during the last campaign for the town hall. The inauguration of the new park of the Marais Masay is among the positive points the CUA has lately tallied after reinforcing the laws on parkings, street sellers and the use of pavement downtown and is ahead of the State on the road fixing. They didn’t wait for the FER (Fond D’entretient Routier) to do their job now that we are in the rainy season and I think that’s a good initiative from them.
I wrote about the reconstruction of the Lapan’ny Tanàna in a previous post and said it will start soon. My bus stop is right across from the construction site and this month I’ve noticed that it’s moving in there. Big vehicles going in and out, the erection of a crane but till now I could not identify the name of the company that is in charge. May be it was said in the news but I missed it.
The Mayor, Andry Rajoelina, spares no effort to find funds for all of his projects and the Régions Iles de France is often cited among his main partners. Let’s remind that he’s also the vice president of the Metropilis the association of all the cities around the world that have more than a million inhabitants.
A project is in the air, that of a new market place to set all the hawkers in a common place that follows standards. The big question is “will they accept to stay there?”