Chute de la Lily – Ampefy

3 years ago, during an outing organized by a local English Institute, I went to Ampefy (about a hundred kilometers west from Antananrivo) to visit the “Chute de la Lily” (or Lily waterfalls) which is more precisely located in Antafofo. In fact, I saw 2 waterfalls and both are about an hour-walk away from each other.

Chute de la Lily - Lily waterfall

The legend
Why the “Chute de la Lily”? It is said that the name comes from the daughter of a “vazaha” family (foreigner), whose name is Lily, that lived in the village of Antafofo 40 years and some ago. One day, an accident happened to her and she disappeared. Everybody in the village thought the waterfall took her. That’s why they decided to name it “Chute de la Lily”. Later on, this name was also attributed to the river.

Yuki has also good pics of “Chute de la liLy” 😉

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