Bakc to Where I Started

I started here and now it seems like I’m back, for good, I don’t know. I thought that a self-hosted blog would be so much better, more flexible, easier to tune. I thought I would have fun playing with all the WP plugins out there. And I really did. I did until the end of 2008 when everything started to bug. I’m still trying to figure out what happened, was it WP itself? My host? My connection that has been a real pain lately. All these lead me to go back to and this move costed me arms and legs.

Moving from a WP self-hosted blog to is a not easy

In fact, there are few people that want to move from a self-hosted blog to, it’s a bit odd but that happens. I’ve tried to look for tools, plugins and means to ease this migration but in vain. I found a plugin “wp-xmlmigrate2” on Technosailor but the file is no more available. I tried  WP’s import/export tool but it seems like both WP blog and WP mu doesn’t generate the same xml file. I was then obliged to do it manually, argh. Thus, I could not restore a good hundred of comments, all my tags and categories. I just can’t think Matt has not thought of this kind of operation – or he did but I didn’t find it. I spotted some people out there who got the same problem and some were lucky enough to have this “migration” plugin, some not and I’m included in.

Anyway, now I’m here. Normally, if you visit my old blog you’ll be automatically redirected here.