Stifling In The Dark

Last week the prices of the rice and the sugar hit a new high. In fact, we had observed an increase of respectively 10Ar (per can) and 100Ar (per kilo) on what we can consider as among our basic food. These rises happen while a bigger issue is still waiting for the average of the Malagasy people, the electricity and water bill.
The government plans a rise of 15%  on the Jirama (Jiro sy Rano Malagasy) bills – the only company that supplies the entire Island with water and electricity. That’s gonna be the second one this year after what we had on January. When paying our bills last month we noticed that the change was not yet effective. Let’s say it was just a little reprieve for us because next month it’s sure we’ll be obliged to add this +15% to our monthly budget.
It’s hard but what can we really do. The financial crisis that’s undergoing by now hasn’t reached yet our country but we can already feel the clients’ worries of the local banks who are asking for insurance that this will have no effect on their bank account. I got some bankers as friends 😉 and they said to me that there are people who wanted to withdraw their money for fear that the banks go bankrupt. Seems like the whole world is bleeding!! We are living crisis after crisis, wars over here, starvation over there and so on.
But i’m afraid that’s not all, for the last 2 months we’ve been living in the dark. Only 1/5 of the street lights work and there are areas where inhabitants live in a complete blackout. With the rain that’s coming mmm. Dark also means insecurity, I won’t talk more about it because it has become a kind of habit to read and watch murder, rape and burglaries stories in the news everyday. Besides, the misfortune of some may be an opportunity for others that’s the case of the newspapers, you even know business is business.