Easing Tax Payment

The 2 month period during which you can pay your taxes without being penalised ended yesterday. It is once again a way for the government to encourage the taxpayers to pay their dues. Not all the communes adopted this strategy though, only few agreed to grant their citizens free of penalty taxes (if I may say so).
It’s not necessary to tell how hard it is for certain people to pay arrears that can go from 2001 to these days. The debts can reach considerable amounts that can represent more than what a normal civil servant earn a month. With the increase of unemployment – lately several free tax manufacturers have closed their doors and left thousands to people jobless – I’m wondering how these people are going to manage it.

As a good citizen lol (and especially not to get into troubles), my dad paid ours. When he came back, he told me that he’s got a ticket for a lottery. “A lottery?” I said. Unbelievable! As far as I know we’ve never had that kind of thing lol. The State tries new things that are more suitable with today’s situation, ideas that could facilitate – deleting the penalties for example – the payment and in return make people feel like “it is worth it” or “we’d better pay now before they change their mind”.

The DGI wants to modernize the tax payment and invited all the young people to the event they organized yesterday at AFT Andavamamba. They recruited, students freshly graduated from big computer science schools to set up a system (Sigtas) that allows big firms to declare their income taxes online.