The Town Hall, the Reconstruction Will Start Soon

The reconstruction of the Antananarivo‘s Town Hall will start soon and is scheduled to be achieved in about a year. The companies that bided for the works recently did a site visiting to have more accurate information about the project.

The new Town Hall will be at its original place and will have the same look

The new Town Hall will be at its original place and will have the same look as before

It was time, Antananarivo inhabitants started to wonder, to doubt and wanted to know why there’s nothing starting yet. After the inauguration of it’s reconstruction on May 17, 2008, we were so happy that this historical monument will rise again right in the middle of the town at Analakely. The newly elected Mayor, Andry Rajoelina, surprised everybody when he publicly stated this reconstruction and no doubt left some people quite skeptical. He went abroad to call for subventions for the communal cash couldn’t cover the required budget which is estimated at Ar. 240 millions (around $150,000).

Before his interview on a famous local talk show, during which he announced the beginning of the works, the it’s-gonna-be-the-same-thing and he-wont-do-it thoughts started to rise downtown. In fact people started to doubt about it. They erased the public garden that was built there and fenced the whole thing. Now all the fences are starting to fall down gnawed by time and we can see what’s happening in there. But if you look in, there’s nothing to see actually and this is the problem.
Facing the critics from its citizen, Antananarivo had to react and demonstrate its will to achieve  its commitments in spite of  the clash between the actual gov and the Mayor’s team.
We all hope the works will go well untill the end and our brand new Town Hall will see the light.