86% of The Kids Go to School in The Vakinankaratra Region

An enrolment of 86% in the region of vakinankaratra has been reached the last years but still the public schools face major difficultiesMoov(fr).


Credit : cevied.org

The figure is somehow high and it does good to the announced 59% (for the male) and 57% (for female) of literacy in the island. Despite all the efforts and commitments of the government through the  MAP, yes we must admit that they’ve done something (school kit, school milk … lol), they couldn’t find yet ways to make children stay longer at school.

“Still in this area. In general, less than 4% of the 15 to 17 years old go to school.
The most frequent reasons of this abandon are related to malnutrition or the parents divorce”

I think the problem is more social that material. It’s good that we help kids by giving them what they need at school like copybooks, bags, books and so on but it’s not enough they still have nothing to eat,  their parents can hardly join the two ends.
The gov should have a plan for the older people as well because they will fall back to their kids to help them find new ways to have more incomes. That’s too obvious, rare are the parents in need who can sacrify the whole family so the kids can go to school. Instead they prefer to have them sell peanuts of donuts in the streets or worse, like we used to saying in here “to sell their buts”.