And if Madagascar Used Nuclear Energy

Have no fear for atomic energy

cause none of them can stop the time

And if Madagascar used Nuclear Energy.

I know it sounds crazy but I see it as a long term goal not as an impossible dream. Sooner or later will face energy problem with the growing price of oil and stuff so why not trying it now.

To avoid mess, we put the cards on the table and clearly explain to the IAEA it’s gonna be in a peaceful use. I guess it would not be difficult for our president to convince them as he is a kinda good negotiator. And as we are now working closely with the USA and has always been with France I guess it could make it. More over, we till now have no official relationship with terrorism lol.

From it, jobs will be created – all of the PhD brains in nuclear physics and stuff will really do what they are meant for and not fall in to politics and riot for nothing. If they can’t manage it we will ask for people from abroad to train – no problem – until they feel they are able to fly by their own wings. What else, investors will be attracted because now the energy is reliable that means no more blackouts lol. I’m sure they’re still a lot of good things we can have from it that I can’t think of now.

Yeah! And if Madagascar used Nuclear Energy.