Rain Is Here, Where Is Your Swimsuit

“I’m singing in the rain …”

Yep the rainy season is near and it’s already raining cats and dogs every night. FS (frankly speaking) – like we’re used to saying between ICE guys – there are times I feel something close to hatred for her lol. I can’t change though and no matter what I say or do I must admit that she is needed in some area at a certain period.The fact is that, she really doesn’t ease my life when she decides to do all her stuff the whole day long or pour down by surprise just before I finish at work.

“I’m sinking in the rain …”

It has become a routine for Tana’s people – in all cases for myself – to see Analakely’s streets becoming a huge pool that merge to Isotry’s one and where you can come upon crocodiles when the level of the rain water reaches you knees.

Along my way home – Ampefiloha, Isotry and Analakely – there’re few dry areas that might be considered as little islands (and shelter as well) and where people rush to once she arrives. I mean by that a spot where the water doesn’t get over your ankle. Obviously then, I’ll be wet from top to toe when I get home, at least my shoes – no, umbrella is no much help lol.

Now I’ll have to use (again) my mom’s hairdryer to dry my shoes!