Workshop With Foko Madagascar

When ICE Club meets FOKO for a Workshop on Media Citizenship with blogs

Workshop with FOKO

David, Karenichia and Lalah

Since the day we met with Jogany some of us were all excited about this workshop. I even know someone who, I bet you, didn’t sleep the night before thinking of nothing but blogging lol.
We were at Teknet on Sunday with David Sasaki of Rising Voices and the Foko’s guys (Stéphane, Karenichia and Pati) for a workshop on blogs.

Getting started

Two unknown cutie girls (yeah, we forgot to introduce ourselves in fact lol) took the floor and introduced WordPress, a famous blog platform that guys like Matt Cuts use, to the about-to-be bloggers. So, everybody opened their browsers, we used Firefox, and typed in the WordPress address.

David explained us what the inputs in the form we had to fill out were for. “your username will be part of your blog address like”. And then, guys started to look for cool names and titles for their blogs while other’s already knew what they were going to put. Once we finished creating an account we had to check our emails for the activation.

Customizing our brand new blog 🙂

As we are newbie to WordPress it took us a little while to know how it works and to have a dashboard tour. We had a real fun, with the help of the coaches, to customize our blogs according to each one taste. It was like getting back to childhood discovering new things and eager to know everything about it, you know what I mean.

Now that everybody has their blog created, activated and tuned, it’s time to put something in it! Most of us didn’t come up with a long post, I guess they were not yet inspired and had no idea of what they were going to be writing.
Everybody except few, Fara had a fair introduction post and, how can I forget the routing one that belongs the uncensored blog thefinalandlastkill lol along with his dude Mr 3DSmax. Big up!

Using Flickr to store photos

Using Flickr to store photos

Using Flickr to store photos

One of the most interesting parts of the workshop was the use of Flickr to put pictures on your articles. Text is good but with photos it’s a lot better and we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. We had a little problem with the upload, miss connection spoiled us so we had to apply the plan B, to look for smaller pictures.

I think we can sum this workshop up in three words : fun, Fun and … FUN!
We thank you guys for all of these helps, tips and pieces of advice.
Cool, now we can say that we are bloggers (wow lol) but it’s a kind of long distance run, the harder is yet to come.